Postdoctoral position open

The McGraw lab is hiring a postdoctoral scholar that will work on the genetic basis of Wolbachia-mediated pathogen blocking. The candidate will also be responsible for writing proposals and publications, training graduate students, undergraduate students, and technical staff. The candidate must have completed a PhD and have experience in some of the following; molecular virology, molecular biology, bioinformatics techniques, virus culture, sterile technique, DNA/RNA/protein techniques and work with BSL2 pathogens. Experience rearing mosquitoes and conducting mosquito pathogen infections is a bonus, but not required. The successful candidate must possess excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication (both oral and written) skills.
To apply, please submit a letter of application describing research interests and professional goals, as well as a CV and contact information for three references. – Contact us

Our laboratory is focused on two main areas:

Dengue virus transmission by mosquitoes

We study the role of mosquito and dengue virus genetic diversity in determining virus infection and transmission in the mosquito. There is growing evidence that the lock and key fit of mosquito and virus genotypes affect the landscape of circulating viruses in the field and hence patterns of human disease.  We are also interested in how field relevant environmental factors affect transmissibility.

Insect:Wolbachia associations

We are interested in how this naturally occurring bacterial endosymbiont affects insect host immunity and physiology. More specifically, in the mosquito vector of dengue virus we are elucidating how the symbiont prevents pathogens from replicating– the trait that is the cornerstone of an international effort to develop Wolbachia-based biocontrol against dengue.

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